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2021 Calendar & Gift Pack

Support wildlife conservation with your donation of $45 or more and receive the 2021 Wild Soul Calendar or 12 card Gift Pack. Choose one or both! All proceeds go to support wildlife conservation efforts.

Wild Soul Conservation proceeds and donations support African wildlife conservation through:

  • Wildlife conservation hands-on volunteering in Africa. Primarily South Africa at this time but has included a project in Botswana.
  • Wildlife Conservation Education through photo presentation talks.
  • Fundraising through donation based talks and wildlife photography sales.

Priority animals supported by these efforts are:

  • Elephants,
  • White and Black Rhino
  • Cheetah
  • Leopard
  • Lion

Your donations support:

Telemetry Equipment to locate injured wildlife to

  • Remove poacher snares
  • Follow-up monitoring after injured animal has been treated and released to be sure it is continuing to do well. In afew weeks, collars are removed.
  • Follow up monitoring after animals are trans-located into the reserve to be sure they have adapted. Animals are trans-located into closed reserves to insure genetic diversity in Lions and Cheetah.

Micro Chip Reader to enable the tracking of Rhino and Horn in event the rhino is poached and horn is tracked for prosecution purposes

Boots, binoculars, and  forensic kits for anti-poaching units to use in patrol of 70,000 acre reserve for poaching activity.

Please Contact me if you have any questions or would like more details about the conservation work I am doing in South Africa. You can also find conservation stories and photos on this site of activities I have been involved in.

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